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【Wild Wild West】馬瑋謙&三元四喜

Wild Wild West - Opening the gates to the Wild Wild West
Bringing in the best music from the West, not matter it is Folk, Rock, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Soul, Latin or even Reggae, you are sure to find something that you like or it might just open up a new music horizon for you.

=Ma Wai Him & Zenwester | Genre: Fusion Pop =

Line Up

Solo: Ma Wai Him -  Suona / Guan 
Special Feature: Claudia Ng - Vocals

Ricky Wu - Guitar
Ting - Handpan
Him Hui - Keyboard 
Craig Lau - Drums 
Candace Lee - Vocals

The very first show of “Ma Wai Him & Zenwester" was held at 1563 last year. They are back with “East x West” style, performing traditional Chinese music in western style, a new renditions of traditional Chinese music.

A farewell night to 1563, expressing the joy, the sadness and the anticipation for the future with the new band member, Craig Lau (drummer) and special guest, Claudia Ng, performing soulful classic jazz standards.


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Tel: 2323 2538
**Minimum charge of one drink per person

Event Date: 2019-08-28 (Wed)
Event Time: WED 9PM-11PM